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Joe Public member wins Loovre competition

Xolisa Dyeshana from Joe Public impressed judges of the Loovre 2006 design competition the most with his 'arresting' SABC TV License creative, and has walked away with first prize. Andy Croly from C Squared Productions was awarded second place for his 'extra long' Durex poster, while Kamogelo Sesing from Young & Rubicam received third place with his work on The Salvation Army campaign.
Left to right: Xolisa Dyeshana, Andy Croly and Kamogelo Sesing
Dyeshana will receive a Panasonic PWD Plasma TV while the second and third place winners will receive Playstation PSPs.

According to Primedia Unlimited subsidiary The Letter Corporation (TLC), the competition received great support from the creative and design industry.

Andrew Kramer, managing director of TLC, says that it's encouraging to see the enormous amount of design talent available to the industry. "The judges were hugely impressed by both the response to LOOvre 2006 and the volumes of creative and design talent revealed by the competition," he says.

Dyeshana's clever use of illusory mirror panels gives viewers the impression of a gloomy non-payer in jail, and implies that it is really bad - criminal - not to pay for TV licences.

The panel of judges were: our very own Louise Marsland, editor; Brendan Seery, executive editor, Saturday Star; Colin Ramparsadh, managing partner, ZenithOptimedia; Adam Wittert, media director of FCB; Wicus Swanepoel, managing partner, Nota Bene; and Andrew Kramer, managing director, TLC.

TLC is thrilled by the interaction the competition created in the industry.
Well done Dyesh! It's high time that brothas get the recognition they deserve...keep it up mfethu, and of course not forgetting the brothas whom've done a great "brick laying" job on paving the way in the past!!!!
Posted on 2 Aug 2006 16:51
Sim. Manini
Brilliant work broer & Keep it up.-
Keep up the good work mfethu and make us proud. I am happy for you my brother. Hoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaala
Posted on 2 Aug 2006 17:07
Durex XL was a Jupiter Jhb campaign(?)-
Unless I'm missing something in the article...
Posted on 2 Aug 2006 17:19
visual spectacle-
The work is fantastic,the idea superb,the execution is on point and the agency is (r)evolutionery. In the words of the listener to the DJ,"play it again Shan",OOoops I mean xolisa.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 02:16
Keep it bhuti, you motivate me...-
bhuti mandiwenze abemafutshane, when something is brilliant it is and KEEP IT UP With your good work. ::4rom khayelitsha::
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 08:01
Nice one-
Your humility, knowledge and creativity is taking you to such amazing places in this industry Xoli. Congratulations and keep it up.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 09:29
Ukuzala kukuzelula-
Nice one chap. Looks like Jo'burg was a good move for you mzala.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 09:41
Halaaala The DON!!!-
This is what or should I say, this is Who the Ad industry had been waiting for...Another breath of fresh air...Well done The Don!
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 10:32
Go Y&R HB-
Let's hear it for Young & Rubicam Hedley Byrne. Great creative work for a reatil agency. Kamo has just managed to dispell the notion that people in reatil just sell beans. Rock on bad boy!
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 10:40
Well Done!-
Thatha Maxoli...WELL DONE MAN!
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 10:43
How can Joe public win with an account they don't even have?!!-
Durex is a Jupiter Joburg account so how can Joe Public win with a campaign for a client they don't even have.???
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 10:47
The competition was for ANY South African brand, not only those that an agency has as clients.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 11:50
SIES BOSS!!!! On ntja man! Some hot feaces bra Turbo.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 13:29
How can Joe public win with an account they don't even have?!!-
It's a pro-active competition, you choose your own client. If you are in advertising you should know. I am not from Joe public but the ads that were done are hotttter than those of Jupiter.
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 14:05
HELP !!! (curious)-
Hi, Can somebody pls explain what's heppening (concept of the 1st/winning ad). I tried my best to execute and understand but its difficult to see what's happening from the computer I'm using.I can't see a thing but it looks interesting... Your explanation wud be appreciated. Hmmmmmmmmm
Posted on 3 Aug 2006 15:58
Who does Durex belong to? If Jupiter jhb has the account howcome it is placed under permark as client. Plus why did lowe cpt just win a gold cannes for durex? Who the hell does this account belong to???? or does it belong to no one and everyone is scamming. PS. Jupiter it's time to let go of this campaign, it's old and stupid. you can do better.
Posted on 4 Aug 2006 00:34
curious ,Robert-
yall sound like playa haters,its not about whom the account belongs to,its about the brother getting recognision for his highly creative work!! amandla..
Posted on 4 Aug 2006 12:59
Now I know-
Let me get my facts right. 1.Loovre design competition... never heard of it. 2.For pro active work.... Hmmmm 3.No judge from a reputable ad agency... OK. At least you got a cool TV out of it.
Posted on 4 Aug 2006 14:22
Now I also know -
Let me get my facts right. 1.Sam... never heard of him. 2.Ever produced any pro active work.... Hmmmm 3.Probably not good enough to work for any reputable ad agency... OK. Isn't it funny how sour we get when people achieve things we can only dream of...cheer up Sam there's always next year. Well done to all the winners.
Posted on 4 Aug 2006 14:32
Our win-
Let's not loose sight of the fact that this is an overall win for abomnyamana. Bodarkie ba 2 in the top 3. So big up!
Posted on 4 Aug 2006 16:09
Njalo njalo-
Chomi uyingwenya mos, keep it up mtshana!!!
Posted on 7 Aug 2006 08:25
Sharp sharp! Well done Skollie!-
Hope you're well, I'm abroad raising the bah-rain, take it easy...
Posted on 7 Aug 2006 13:14
Ola Madala-
Congra!! madala... maar Cape Town was pulling you back joe... a great move you did. so when can we come and watch the big tv?
Posted on 7 Aug 2006 16:09
Congrats X-
Eitha X, I just saw it when I WAS surfing the net.Keep it up bra. NB:Iye eMonti lo plasmaTV
Posted on 11 Aug 2006 14:41
ntembeko vika
Leta.Ufuze umntu ophilayo kwedini.-
This is to say 'go for it,the stage is yours.This is a the start of good thing to come.Lete,uyibambe njalo,ungayiyeki.
Posted on 14 Aug 2006 10:05