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Fourth edition of Marketing Communication - An Integrated Approach out now

The fourth edition of 'Marketing Communication - An Integrated Approach' by Dr Ludi Koekemoer, CEO of AAA School of Advertising, is out now.
"Although this is the fourth edition, this time it is not simply an update; it was largely the compilation of a new book because the advertising landscape has changed dramatically in recent years," says Koekemoer.

Outlining new technology

This edition includes five new chapters: IMC: Past, present & future and the focus on integrated brand communication, Factors influencing IMC decisions, Shopper marketing, Alternative communication channels and Digital media marketing. Key elements were added to existing chapters, which were updated and consolidated into one chapter each on PR, Sponsorship, DRM etc.

Throughout the book, the authors outlined the role of new technology and new media. These included:
    • Ludi Koekemoer (advertising)
    • Steve Bird (direct marketing)
    • Ryan Sauer (digital)
    • Mortimer Harvey (shopper marketing)
    • Minette Koekemoer (consumer insights)
    • Professor Mike Cant (author of many marketing texts)
    • Andrea Crystal (alternative media channels)
"Technology has changed marketing and communications tools and strategies dramatically, resulting in a wide variety of digital media alternatives. Media have changed and media planning has become a serious challenge due to the wide variety of media touch-points and media fragmentation. The world economy has crumbled, forcing everyone to focus on effective communication. Digital media has infiltrated the classical media space and TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, events and brand entertainments are now linked to digital tactics. Advertising has shifted from A to B, never to return," concludes Koekemoer.

The book is published by Juta and is available at Juta stores, Juta Online and Exclusive Books. It retails for R495.