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Ciro's support for PinkDrive proves successful

Ciro partnered with Protea Hotels to supply a range of coffee products to prepare espresso-based hot and cold beverages served to guests who attended a series of 'High Coffee' events countrywide, in support of the PinkDrive in October 2011.
To create awareness for breast education and raise funds, the 'High Coffees' started in KwaZulu-Natal before heading to the Eastern and Western Cape respectively and concluding in Gauteng. Over R112 000 was raised with the donations and sponsorships received from Ciro Beverage Solutions, Monin and Protea Hotels and public support.

The PinkDrive offers services to women across South Africa, who do not have access to information on breast health. Mobile units provide affordable and convenient mammography services to women. They also give free scanning and education to disadvantaged communities via local clinics, community health centres and specified hospitals without oncology facilities.

In addition, Ciro sponsored on-site Ciro trained baristas, skilled professionals who facilitated the training of the hotel staff in the preparation and service of the drinks.

"This national event was a major success. The concept of 'High Coffees' was unique and something we will repeat. This is a winning combination of entertainment, education and breast cancer awareness prevention," says Sharon Smith, marketing manager of the Pink Drive,

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