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The 10 most followed tech brands on Twitter right now

Asking whether your brand is on Twitter is a little redundant these days. It's been replaced by more pertinent questions, like: "what is your brand really doing on Twitter?" and "what are you doing to make Twitter work for your brand?".
To get an idea of how to answer those questions, it's worth looking at what the biggest brands on Twitter are doing right, what kind of tone they adopt and how they interact with their followers. Doing so can also give you an idea of how brands are perceived by the public. In that vein, Memeburn has collated the most followed tech brands on Twitter right now.

...Unsurprisingly, most of the top tech brands on the social network are also in the social game: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram all have large Twitter followings. Although these companies haven't always had the best relationship with Twitter (things started out well with Instagram but disintegrated quickly after the latter was bought by Facebook), their own experience with social means they realise how valuable Twitter is as a platform.

Interestingly, the only hardware manufacturer in the top 10 is the US division of Samsung's mobile operation. It's worth bearing in mind however that when it comes to hardware, a number of the manufacturers have region-specific accounts which makes providing support easier.

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