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MyBroadband grows

MyBroadband continues to show strong growth - both on traffic and as an organisation
In 2012 MyBroadband ( showed excellent growth, breaking 1.2 million unique visitors per month and serving close to 8 million pages per month. To support this continued growth, MyBroadband has employed two new graduates in 2013.

Wanita Muller has joined MyBroadband as a marketing assistant. Wanita holds a BCom Honours in Marketing Management from the University of Pretoria.

Marious Hollenback has joined MyBroadband as a content manager. Marius recently completed his BIS in Multimedia at the University of Pretoria.

There were also two promotions at MyBroadband. Jan Vermeulen was promoted to senior technology journalist, while Quinton Bronkhorst was promoted from junior journalist to business and technology journalist.

MyBroadband marketing director Cara Muller is upbeat about the year ahead for MyBroadband. "2013 has kicked off very well for MyBroadband, and we expect excellent growth this year - both in terms of traffic and advertising partnerships. We saw phenomenal growth in 2012 and have been lucky enough to recruit well qualified people to support our expansion plans for 2013," said Muller.

MyBroadband's press office

MyBroadband, founded in 2003, has quickly grown into South Africa's largest Information Technology website. The site provides its user base with a unique blend of news, social networking and industry interaction.