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New online business, environment magazine

Nandi Mgwadlamba, owner of Sleeves-Up Communications, has launched a new online business and environment magazine, Rooted Wealth, which has been emailed to 6,000 readers. It plans to increase this figure to a million readers by 2017.
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"South Africa has about 20 years or so to transform to a carbon-neutral economy," says editor, Mgwadlamba. The magazine documents the journey in reaching environmental targets by government, industry, researchers, civil society and the public. "It is exciting to watch how far we have come as a country and to document current efforts that will ultimately shape the future."

The first issue of the magazine asks if developing electricity infrastructure will yield more jobs, if South Africa will still have water by 2050, explores green agriculture, green buildings and many more stories of interest. Its target audience lies in the middle to high income earners characterised as LSM 6-10.

Avid readers

These people are "avid readers, cellphone addicts, traditionalists at heart and have a flair for 'new visual media'", according to the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF). They range from those with a concern for social issues, those who adapt easily to change to those with a keen interest in the development agenda. They are all well defined by the slogan of the magazine -'the wealth within'.

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The magazine's database include captains of industry, senior, middle and junior executives from a wide range of sectors including government, the private sector, research and tertiary institutions and others.

Mgwadlamba has over 10 years' experience in the marketing communication field. She has worked in both the private and the public sector, for an NGO and an agency of government. She has a degree in Communications and a Diploma in Advanced Business Management (DABM), from the University of Johannesburg. She is a final year MBA student at the UNISA School of Business Leadership (SBL).

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