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How far can a dollar bring you?

Dollar Photo Club, the revolutionary new stock image site launched recently, has already seen membership surpass 40,000 in less than five months and estimates it will exceed 100,000 by the end of 2014. Within this short time frame Dollar Photo Club has already received positive and strong interest from designers and marketers across the world. Its simplified, affordable business model which goes against complex licensing methods of credits or subscriptions (which often came with a 'use it or lose it' download pressure), has been embraced by those who realised these pre-existing problems within traditional licensing.
Taking on the concept of simplicity at its core, Dollar Photo Club enables users to download images for a simple, low-cost fee of $1 each. Users simply sign up to become either a $10 monthly for 10 images, or $99 yearly member for 99 images, giving them access to a stock portfolio of over 27 million images. Whereas image buyers have previously been used to paying between $5-$100 for stock images or alternatively been manipulated into buying subscriptions (often with unused quotas forfeited, or credit models that ensure credits are un-used), Dollar Photo Club accents a welcome transparency for buyers. This hassle-free pricing model ensures that Royalty-free imagery is becoming more accessible and user-friendly and guarantees budgets are maintained and kept track of in a more effectual manner.

Dollar Photo Club provides an affordable avenue to those whom wish to access the right resources whilst staying within legal boundaries. They also seem to understand that these unique value propositions would address the currently difficult-to-understand licensing issues worldwide. Finally, there is an image bank which realised the fact that it is not about telling clients what to do with licensing but rather hearing from clients and building something easy to use and time-efficient for them.

Visit the Dollar Photo Club website, Facebook page or Twitter account for more information.