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LSM data available online

Top-line Living Standards Measurement (LSM) information is now accessible to anyone with an internet connection through the newly launched SAARF LSM Dashboard.
It is an easy-to-use tool that should prove useful not only for those in the marketing, advertising and media industries without access to data-mining software, but also for those outside the industry who are interested in tracking South Africans' ever-improving living standards.

Available online on the SAARF website the LSM Dashboard provides LSM data in relation to various demographic profiles, and to top-line media usage.

Users can do LSM breakdowns by age and gender, schooling, work status, types of dwelling and the amenities available in each, and durables in the home.

The Media Usage section of the dashboard covers top-line data for TV by channel, radio by sector, out-of-home advertising, newspapers, and magazines. Users are also able to cross-tabulate various media, sourcing data such as the LSM profile of radio listeners who also consume magazines.

Lastly, there is trended LSM information available from 2001.

The SAARF LSM Dashboard outputs its LSM runs into various tables and graphs, all of which can be printed or exported into Word or PowerPoint.

For more, go to, under the "Segmentation tools>LSM>Data" tab.