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Smartphones and tablets drive growing share of internet content consumption in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: comScore, Inc has released the latest insights on connected device usage in Argentina from its Device Essentials service.
The report found that digital media consumption via connected devices (including mobile phones, tablets, etc.) accounted for 2.1% of all Internet page views in March 2012. Of this non-computer traffic, mobile phones drove 70.4% of traffic, while tablets accounted for 25.2%.

"Internet consumption in Argentina is beginning to change in a meaningful way as consumers embrace a growing number of devices to stay connected," said Marcos Christensen, comScore country manager for Argentina. "Understanding how consumers are using smartphones and tablets to consume content will be of growing importance for publishers and advertisers seeking to engage their audiences wherever and however they are consuming media content."

Key findings on Argentina's connected device market include:
  • In Argentina, non-computer devices such as tablets, mobile phones and gaming consoles accounted for 2.1% of all Internet page views in March 2012, up from 1.2% in June 2011.
  • Out of this 2.1% of non-computer traffic, mobile phones accounted for the largest share at 70.4%. Tablets accounted for 25.2% of non-computer traffic, while other devices (which include iPods, e-readers, gaming consoles, etc.) accounted for 4.4%.
  • Compared to Mexico and Brazil, non-computer traffic in Argentina skewed more towards mobile phones and less towards tablets and other devices.
  • Google Android led as the top mobile platform, accounting for 56.3% of mobile phone page views, while Apple's iPad led the tablet market driving 78.3% of tablet page views in March 2012 in Argentina.

Nearly 4 in every 5 tablet page views happen on iPads

In March 2012, Android led as the top mobile platform, accounting for 56.3% of mobile phone page views. iOS drove 10.7% of mobile traffic, while Symbian closely followed accounting for 10.6% of mobile page views. iPads dominated the tablet market, accounting for nearly 4 in every 5 page views occurring on tablet devices during the month, while Android tablets accounted for 19.5% of tablet traffic.

Operating System Share of Mobile Phone and Tablet Page Views March 2012 Argentina (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
% Share of Internet Page Views
Mobile Phones Tablets
Android 56.3% 19.5%
iOS 10.7% 78.3%
Symbian 10.6% N/A
RIM 4.3% 2.2%
Windows Mobile 0.6% N/A
Other 17.6% N/A

These findings and others were presented by Marcos Christensen during Online Marketing Day Buenos Aires. To download a copy of the presentation, click here.


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