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SAARF releases five-year trend booklet

The South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF) has released its Trends booklet, covering five years of AMPS data 2009-2013, based on the new 15+ universe.
The latest 2013 results cover data collected from Jan-Dec 2013. The 2009-2013 figures will differ from previous trend booklet editions, as they now reflect annual January-December data.

In addition to a general introductory section, the booklet covers the following:
  1. Population statistics
  2. Print
  3. Radio
  4. TV
  5. Cinema
  6. Internet
  7. Out of Home
  8. Activities/Services/Shopping/Lifestages
  9. The Home
  10. FMCG Product Categories
  11. Living Standards Measure
The section on the SAARF LSM is a write-up on the history, status and information on the size and main demographics of each group, as well as their media exposure. In addition to all the media information, there is useful information on all the products and activities measured in AMPS over the past five years. It gives an indication of the years in which each of them was measured and where there was a methodological change.

The booklet can be ordered at R340 per copy from the website,