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SAARF RAMS June 2014 results

This is the second SAARF RAMS release for 2014. The objective of the survey was to gather information on the radio listening habits of South Africans over a seven day period.
The survey covers adults aged 15 years and older, who are living in the nine provinces of South Africa.

Radio self-completion diaries were placed with respondents to complete in their homes over a seven-day period, for which they were offered a small incentive.

The sample was equally apportioned between males and females with the exception of mines, hostels and domestics. At each sampling point a cluster of two addresses was drawn.

In each household, the main respondent was selected by means of a Random Grid. Four calls were made before substitution could occur.

Download the full summary of methodology (Word doc.)

Download the Community Station Audience results (Excel)

Download the Station Audience results (Excel)