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BMi Research takes its consumer research to the next level with eye tracking

In a move that brings its consumer research to life and adds fascinating depth to these insights, pricing specialist BMi Research has included eye tracking in its arsenal of cutting-edge research methodologies.
Gareth Pearson
Available through the agency's dedicated consumer research unit, BMi Research's eye tracking service adds a new dimension to the research it undertakes for its clients by providing a compelling behind-the-scenes understanding of consumers' purchasing behaviour.

The method relies on specially developed eye track glasses to monitor and report back on the wearer's natural eye movements in different scenarios. These could include field scenarios, such as a regular month-end shopping outing, or controlled scenarios, such as assessing new packaging options or comparing products to those of their competitors.

This allows BMi Research to pinpoint the exact physical features that consumers look at the most - and the least - when it comes to making purchasing decisions. It also provides a dynamic view of how shoppers navigate retail aisles and what really draws their attention as they move down them.

Gareth Pearson, BMi Research CEO, says its clients can now delve into how and why consumers respond to their brands the way they do. "Our clients are increasingly demanding deeper consumer insights. Facts and figures are great, but marketers want to know what consumers really think about their brands. What turns them on, what sends them running, and at what exact point did they make the emotional connection with the brand that prompted them to put the product in their trolley. These are the kinds of insights we can now offer, which perfectly complement our existing consumer research tools," he says.

Eye tracking is an influential tool for assessing and improving packaging systems and POP (Point-of-Purchase) materials. It can be used at every stage of the packaging design development process to measure effectiveness, from the initial concept to product placement, signage and navigation aids.