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Free youth report offers insights on South African youth's interests

Pondering Panda has just released its first Youth Report, an in-depth collection of surveys that take a thorough look into the minds and lives of young people in South Africa through 24 different surveys of 199,589 respondents between the ages of 13-34. Interviews were conducted between June 2013 and January 2014.
Designed as a series of easy-to-read infographics, the report covers a wide range of topics relevant to young people in South Africa today, including leisure activities, music, fashion, technology, social groups, romance and dating, religion, health and diet, employment, financial matters and sentiment regarding the future of South Africa.

Shirley Wakefield, spokesperson for Pondering Panda said, "The report has value for any decision maker interested in younger South Africans. It can help businesses and marketers understand and approach the youth market in a far more informed manner and enhance their advertising and marketing strategies. In the case of the government and NGOs, it gives them the insight they need in order to better connect with young people, understand their culture and engage with them. It is also a fascinating window into the lives and minds of young South Africans. With large samples of respondents, weighted to national profiles, the findings are both valid and reliable and offer real insight into the youth market.

The report is available free of charge, by emailing .