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Freq'ncy Studio moves to Fallon Military Testing Station, Nevada, USA

After opening its doors in Sandton, Johannesburg fourteen-and-a-half years ago, Freq'ncy studios has moved to the Fallon Military Testing Station, Nevada, USA.
Freq'ncy founder, Dave Harris, explains that one could call it an impulsive move. "We called a Freq'ncy meeting where we debated whether it would be a good move or not. We had a vote in the studio. It was a tie between yes and no, so we called in Sibongile, our receptionist, and asked her what she thought. She said yes. And here we are."

The internationally acclaimed team packed up their studio, recently upgraded with the world's most up-to-date industry equipment, and moved to the home of the largest weapon artillery testing station in the world on Wednesday 11am (C.A.T).

Dave Harris, Freq'ncy founder, explains, "The Fallon Military Base tests weapons as small as 9mm pistols, up to vehicles as big as the sixty-five ton Merkhava M4 tank, on a daily basis. At the moment we're based in the light-aircraft testing station, where helicopters don't try to avoid each other, but instead, intentionally try to collide with each other head-on, at first, then side-on and so on..."

Nathi Luthango, Freq'ncy sound engineer, says it's the best move he's ever made. "Sometimes we find ourselves really getting into it, giving each other code names and finishing our sentences with 'over'. It's a pretty intense atmosphere in here. Heard the term 'you can hear a pin drop'? Well then you have to visit the hand grenade detonation station before you die, which is also apparently a 1 in 16 chance of where you'll die.

Harris continues, "Having spent some time here, I still believe that the Freq'ncy team technically work with the most powerful weapon in the world. For sure, a Vympel R-77 missile can travel three hundred miles in less than a minute, but the power of Freq'ncy sound can get you from Johannesburg to a military station in Nevada in less than a second. Over."

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