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Backup online into the cloud - Automatic online backups with Soteria (68)

Laptops get stolen, and hard drives crash daily. Have you protected your data? Just install, set and forget and your new data is quietly copied off-site and automatically backed up every day.
Online backup and Cloud Storage is the solution.

What would happen if you lost all your e-mails? Your photos, videos, music, projects or documents?
All your financial records? Or your complete database? What would happen if you lost your MYOB or Quicken or QuickBooks database?

Statistics tells us that 31% of all computer users have lost all their files at one time or other time in their lives. This can happen in a myriad of ways - not just through hard disk crashes, accidental deletion, physical damage, theft, fire, viruses, etc.

Over 60% of companies who experience such loss are out of business within six months. Most people don't backup properly - either because it takes too much time and effort, they do not know how to do it, or the systems required cost too much. For those that do backup - the backup is usually inadequate - rarely done on a daily basis, and rarely taken offsite for security purposes.

Information that is backed up online is never lost:
    Even if your computer is lost or stolen
    Even if your house or business burns down
    Even if your information is destroyed by viruses
No matter what happens to your data - you will always have peace of mind.
And the best is - it is done automatically according to your own schedule.

Act before it is too late and get online backup here.

It is so easy to start and to activate the service and it will give you that peace of mind knowing that you are covered for any kind of disaster that can possibly destroy your valuable information.

Click here to go to Soteria Online Backup.