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DQ&A Media Group introduces DoubleClick Search

For some time now we have been seeing an increase in online marketing budgets. We expect growth in 2013 may still be greater than in 2012. Our portfolio of services is very complementary: adtech and operations, trading desk, performance marketing, tech solutions, yield management and monetisation. And now we offer for our existing DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) clients DoubleClick Search. We can set up, monitor and report on search accounts.
This greater transparency helps you to the aspects of the content campaigns that are contributing the most to your success. Within performance marketing paid search is the third important step in conversion optimisation. So adding search to our offering - both on buy and sell side - is a very interesting proposition. What makes this really interesting is that we link DFA floodlights to advertisers in DoubleClick Search; one tag for display as well as search. We are involved in every step of the process. We can ensure accountability with a dedicated account team. Finally you can have a single data-source for both search and display advertising is interesting for conversion attribution modeling.

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