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Morning Star Design brings International 24 Hour Photoshop Festival to Africa

World's first global Photoshop online conference on 15-16 November 2012
Morning Star Design has partnered with US-based Mogo Media to announce the launch of the largest Photoshop conference in the world. is the first ever live, global, interactive event for the Photoshop community - 24 hours of non-stop Photoshop!

The online conference has the best Photoshop talent from around the world and will be hosted free online on the day. The 24 hour fest with seven simultaneous tracks and over a hundred sessions. Tracks can be accessed free on the day. The seminar kicks off midnight on 15 November 2012 Central African Time. Participants can sign up for the All Access Pass which will give them on-demand access to all presentation recordings for a full year after the conference. Participants from Africa receive a $15 discount from the $199 fee when they use the promotional code mjafrica12 when booking their seat.

The sessions will be hosted by some of the best international talent the likes of Aaron Nace, Andy Biggs, Arthur Morris, Ben Willmore, Bert Monroy, Beth Forester, Brian Wood, Carrie Beene, Lee Varis and many others Local Photoshop guru, Mohammed Jogie will be flying the flag for Africa showing digital illustration and workflow techniques. A full list can be found on the website.

"We're excited by this initiative as it is a great flattener," says Mohammed, Creative Director at MSD. "It allows for participation of African designers from anywhere on the continent. Participants can engage with the best talent from around the world, real-time. And, it's carbon-neutral to boot," he adds.

To book your seat or for more information visit or call 0826552999.