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Internet Solutions adds new ADSL product - uncapped@work

1 Nov 2012 07:02
A new uncapped ADSL solution, designed for end-users who require optimised connectivity at work and uncapped, unshaped connectivity at night for more bandwidth-intensive activities, has been launched by Internet Solutions (IS).
Known as uncapped@work, at this stage of the product release, it will be made available to the IS wholesale channel.

"The DSL market has matured significantly. Experienced broadband users are particularly sensitive to product performance and the nature of restrictions placed upon them by shaping and policy enforcement," explains Brett Steingo, innovation and technology manager at IS. "During work hours, internet access needs to be optimised for mission-critical services such as email, collaboration, communication tools and access to hosted applications. At night, usage patterns change as end-users consume bandwidth-intensive video or music content, engage over social media, perform back-ups, replicate data or update software."

He explains that while gamers, power-users, micro and SOHO business users are all constantly scouting the range of consumer and SME solutions to meet their particular requirements, they are often faced with the choice of inadequate performance or excessive costs.

The best of both worlds

"We have therefore created a service that combines the best of both worlds, as this solution meets the increasing demand for access to business-class services by day, and the ability to continue work or engage in more consumer-focused Internet usage by night."

It achieves this by optimising transactional traffic over bandwidth heavy applications, such as torrents during peak hours and offering unrestricted usage between midnight and 6am. By allocating a dynamic IP address, end-users are given the freedom to make use of their own router or modem. Two concurrent connections are also allowed on this service at any time. The service excludes Telkom ADSL line support and rental, and IS fair use policies apply.

"With the launch, we are now able to offer end-users a business-class service at a highly competitive price. This will enable end-users to experience high-quality broadband connectivity without many of the usual limitations," he concludes.
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