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DQ&A has a new look and feel!

After 16 years and several changes, DQ&A has evolved once more. As of today, DQ&A is proud to announce that along with our new corporate identity, we will be focusing on our digital marketing technology and consultancy services, as well as launching new training and education programmes.
There is a lot in store for DQ&A over the coming year as we take this step to move our brand forward, and differentiate ourselves within the industry. This transformation showcases a new visual identity, designed to reflect DQ&A’s professional and innovative character in the digital industry, as well as our continued growth as a business.

This new design is really about cutting down on all the noise, bringing in a new level of simplicity, it’s all about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. It was important for us to have continuity between the previous identity and the new, a seamless update with an improved concept. As DQ&A continues to evolve as a business, so will our brand.