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BusinessTech smashes readership record

BusinessTech now has over 100,000 monthly readers in South Africa, making it a premier destination to reach IT and business executives
BusinessTech recorded its biggest month ever, with 125,996 unique visitors and 300,000 page views in June 2014. What is particularly impressive is that 102,000 of these readers are South African.

BusinessTech, which was founded in 2012, serves C-level executives and other decision makers in the business and IT markets.

The online publication has established itself as a premier destination to reach IT decision makers and business executives.

BusinessTech's advertising director Cara Muller said that the publication offers excellent value for money when trying to reach this exclusive market.

"We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled access to the IT market at rates which are very tough to beat," said Muller.

For more information about BusinessTech and advertising on the website, please contact Cara:

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MyBroadband, founded in 2003, has quickly grown into South Africa's largest Information Technology website. The site provides its user base with a unique blend of news, social networking and industry interaction.