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New features of the Doubleclick stack

Being display specialists, DQ&A understands the increasing complexity that comes with the rapid innovation in the industry. We love the new world, and help our clients be prepared by explaining how to enhance their data, media spend and digital strategies constantly.
As experts of managing, implementing and executing campaigns on the Doubleclick Digital Marketing technology stack, we're constantly on top of new features and developments. We believe that combining industry-leading technology with superb service levels and expertise creates winning combinations for our clients!

We'd like to share some recent developments across the Doubleclick products that have captured our interest and have enabled our clients to improve the way they run their digital marketing campaigns:

Improved verification

The DDM platform has a built-in verification component that analyses website content and context for suitability. This means that our clients have full control over knowing if their ads appear on pages with malicious content, or are targeted outside of the targeting criteria of a campaign. Through built-in violation screenshots alongside super-easy ways of spotting violations, we have seen huge pick-up in use of this feature, both by our internal teams as by clients themselves.

Viewability in programmatic

For many of our clients the holy grail of display marketing is ensuring ads are shown to relevant audiences. Not shown as in an impression delivered, but an impression delivered that was actually viewed. By integrating viewability analysis and bidding based on viewability score in bidding algorithms, buying in-view programmatic ads is easier than ever.

Smarter targeting and buying options

A media buying platform is only as strong as its targeting parameters provided. With the possibility for enhanced postcode targeting in Germany, US, UK and France, in addition to the addition of being able to buy mid-roll and post-roll video inventory, we have gained two strong new options for delivering against our client KPIs. Want to learn more about the smart ways we buy media for clients? Let us know!

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