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Dynamic retargeting with DQ&A

For our clients innovative remarketing efforts are becoming increasingly important, as not all potential customers on the site purchase products straightaway. It's vital to continue to influence them across all devices, platforms and inventory sources available. Our experts have a wealth of experience using all these possibilities and by doing so, delivering the best results for you.

Dynamic remarketing is an advertising strategy to deliver customised ads, which links users with their past shopping experiences on your site. With the use of DoubleClick Studio, you are able to build attractive dynamic ads in just minutes, without any help from a professional designer.

Our experts can help you through the DoubleClick suite to unlock various opportunities to drive high performance in vibrant campaigns, and deliver the right ad to each specific customer.

Remarketing is an effective way to draw visitors back to the site with relevant messaging. This strategy can be improved through the added value of our specialists, who create new possibilities for retargeting potential clients, customising ads, all to improve conversion rates. We are involved in every step of the process to ensure great conversion rates for your campaigns with a dedicated account team, to provide the best possible service for all our clients.

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