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Realm Digital enables Real Meal Revolution e-book to sell digitally

Tim Noakes' Real Meal Revolution has had phenomenal success amongst South African readers, and it hasn't stopped there - this book is set to change the way the world eats. It is not surprising that it has crept into international bookshelves and being ranked as a best seller.
Real Meal Revolution publishers, Quivertree, approached Cape Town based software company, Realm Digital to help them sell the book digitally. Realm Digital has recently expanded its services to include content conversion which enables publishers to convert their books into e-books seamlessly. The company provided Quivertree with content conversion as well as consultation for digital publishing and distribution solutions; having extensive experience in the industry due to its partnership with Snapplify.

Realm Digital has experience with multiple formats including ePUB, ePUB 2, ePUB 3, Fixed Layout, and Reflowable. The company can consult with publishers on which will work better depending on the type of content; for example the Real Meal Revolution is image intensive and works better with fixed layout. "We test everything on all relevant operating systems to ensure that it works properly and send it back to the publisher who can then distribute it. If the publisher would like to add DRM to their content - we can do that for them too," says Simon Bestbier, Account Manager Realm Digital.

Why should publishers consider eBooks?

Digital books enable publishers to create a more immersive reading experience; physical books don't have the same capabilities to add enhanced content, embedded video or audio. Digital opens doors for books; global distribution is easy, the publishing process is often much cheaper, and the popularity of reading on mobile is growing more and more each day.

Most, if not all, South African publishers have some kind of digital content plan. However it is all still very new in emerging markets. Therefore it is crucial for publishers to rely on a digital partner that they can trust to help them choose the right format, navigate the challenges of digital publishing and choose between different platforms. A lot of work is being outsourced to overseas suppliers, which often means they don't offer the same amount of guidance or have the same understanding of what works in local markets.

If you'd like to try the digital version out for yourself you can download the Snapplify developed Quivertree app and purchase the book directly within the app.

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