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Digital marketing trends by DQ&A Media Group for 2014

Towards the end of 2013 it is time to take a look at the trends for 2014. As a leading digital marketing company we are at the forefront of new and exciting developments in our ever changing branch of industry. The past year we have been working vigorously, together with our clients, to keep our leading position and really take advantage of new techniques. We are seeing rapid developments in the possibility of media trading and we are convinced that finally the silos will merge. Digital marketing is not a singular marketing effort, it all intertwines, using it right means digital marketing for high impact formats, video and rich media is also very well suited for branding purposes.
Our director of business development, Michael Ossendrijver, names two trends that will disrupt the digital advertising market. Stay tuned to our blog for more predictions.

1. Data marries creative (or at least, they hook up)

What I see happening more and more is innovation on two ends. The power of data analysis, rapid processing and instant decisioning on this data is only going to grow in 2014 and will become much more important over the years to come after that. On the creative front rapid development is happening with great, rich new ad formats, ads that actually tell a story rather than to drive a click and dynamic creative generation. However, marriage and understanding between data scientists and creative masterminds is still far away. While I expect these worlds not to be fully intertwined end of 2014, I do expect to see the first movements within agencies to bring these worlds closer together.

2. Consolidated buying

Market players offering instrumental solutions like retargeting, social advertising or affiliate marketing will have to step up their game and offer a bigger range of services to their clients if they want to survive. Coming from a hugely fragmented state we have an industry that is moving towards consolidation of services since this brings unique synergies and makes advertisers' lives a lot easier. We'll see many acquisitions happen in the marketplace over the next year with independent companies bonding to form alliances, agencies gobbling up anything they can find and just as many startups with the next big thing to arise, especially within the ad tech industry.

Looking forward to a great 2014

And just like that, it will be 2014. Thanks to all our clients we had a great 2013 - it was a monumental year. Looking forward to all that 2014 has to offer. It looks like the cookie did not crumble yet, we have not fallen off the fiscal cliff and programmatic media buying looks really the way to go for now. Thanks to all of you we're looking forward to an even brighter new year.

DQ&A would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and great festive season. May 2014 be a very successful year.

We are looking forward to discussing these and more trends with you in the new year and would love to hear about your vision on the ad market. Let's discuss.

DQ&A Media Group


DQ&A Media Group's press office

DQ&A Media Group
DQ&A Media Group is an international display advertising company, specialising in real-time performance marketing and technology services. We like to think of ourselves as your data driven knowledge partner; developing your capabilities whilst achieving your strategic goals as our working relationship continues.
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