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Nominations open for most influential people in media

Media magazine will produce its third edition of the 40 most influential people in the industry, under the age of 40, in March 2013. Nominations are now open and proposers are asked to include a "quirky titbit" of information about the person they are nominating. Self-nomination is also acceptable.


  • Full name and details of proposer
  • Full name, age and designation of the nominee
  • Explanation on what the nominee has done and why he/she is an eligible candidate.
  • A person may be re-nominated if he/she has maintained the excellent standard of the previous year. The proposer will need to provide an explanation for why this person deserves to be nominated again.
Peta Krost Maunder, editor, says, "In our industry, people work tirelessly to make deadlines and we so seldom acknowledge one another for the hard work done by those in the lead. In this case, we are honouring those who have achieved a lot at a young age. It is not to say that we oldies shouldn't be given that pat on the back for the work we do but if you are proving to be seriously influential and powerful before you are 40, the sky's the limit."

The deadline for submissions is 10 January 2013. Email nominations to .