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Calling Nkandla a 'compound' is racist: SABC

SABC news editors have received an email banning the words "Nkandlagate" and "Zumaville", according to a report on Wednesday.
Zuma's "home, sweet home" is not, apparently, a homestead... (Image: GCIS)
As reported on, yesterday (SABC closes gate on Zumaville), the issue of how the media refers to the construction of Zuma's Nkandla home using taxpayers' monies, continues to attract attention.

Now The Star newspaper has reported it had seen an email instructing editorial staff that "with immediate effect", President Jacob Zuma's "Nkandla home should be referred to as the president's, or Mr Zuma's, Nkandla residence", and not a "compound", or "homestead" or "any other such term".

SABC head of news Jimi Matthews told The Star that the word "compound" was a term used by white South Africans to refer to homes for "black migrant workers. It comes from our racial past [as a way of referring] to accommodation for migrant workers on the mine".

Some things are not meant for our ears

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago told the daily he would not discuss the email.

"There's nothing that says because we are a public broadcaster, every meeting, everything must be on the radio for everyone to listen to," said Kganyago.

The opposition Democratic Alliance attempted to visit Zuma's residence at Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal at the weekend.

The building of the residence, which reportedly cost over R200m and was funded with taxpayers' money, was in still in progress.

Source: Sapa via I-Net Bridge
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Kevin Savage
It's begining to remind me of that wonderful memo we got saying that Sun City had to called "that well-known resort in the Pilansberg"! What bullshit. If I am paying 200 million for this I will call it what I like. Can I ask where it's exact LOCATION is?
Posted on 8 Nov 2012 10:56
John Mann
In Africa the Chief or King rules all he sees and touches. So in Zuma's oppinion all the money that our taxes contribute to "kitty" belongs to him personally. You did not dare tell Shaka Zulu what he could or could not do with what he saw as his property. There was no Constitution or Democracy then and as far as Zuma is concerned nor is there any now. The "elite" are not governed by those rules. Constitutions et al are for the peasants who get up each day and work for Zuma. That is - all us S'Africans. That's why Zuma is now saying we must solve SA's problems the African way and not white people's ways. Watch out soon we will be governed by Traditional African law again if Zuma has his way. Voting for Zuma by any SA taxpayer is like a chicken voting for Col. Saunders
Posted on 9 Nov 2012 11:23
Tim Singiswa
let him explain what is a compound and what`s not because once you close an establishment to the public and reserve it to the revenge of the democratic people its a compound!
Posted on 11 Nov 2012 08:34
Vanessa du plessis
Eishh, Why does everything get classified as racisssst in our land - is there no weapon against such idocy?In the US many people occupy compounds...some, like Camp David, hold people like Obama - who seems quite benign on the racial front. Others like the Waco compound of David Koresh ended in 75 shot dead before the ashes settled ... NO one was allowed in there either. Remember ?
Posted on 12 Nov 2012 15:37