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Jimmy jettisoned

NEWSWATCH: Jimmy Manyi's contract as government spokesman has not been renewed, reports Times Live and on the Facebook front, it seems Prince Harry has spiked his Facebook account following images going public of his royal highness somewhat underdressed, reports E! News.

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  • Times Live: 'Insensitive' Manyi sacked... We're not sure what the GCIS will carry on "business as usual" without our man Manyi, but it seems that as of last Saturday, when his three-year contract ended, they're going to have a jolly good try.

    He's apparently a geologist by profession, and it would seem that in the opinion of many - including perhaps a minister or two - Manyi is almost certain to know more about mechanical weathering than he does about media relations. There have been instances when asked questions his response has not been the one expected, just one example being his response to some questions posed by Mail & Guardian, which rather than eliciting answers, instead got a statement entitled "Smear campaign against Manyi orchestrated through the Mail and Guarian" [sic].

  • E! News: Did Prince Harry shut down Facebook page after scandal? Here's the naked truth about Spike Wells... Newsflesh... sorry, Newsflash... The Prince Harry saga continues with reports that Spike Wells on Facebook is actually Prince Harry on Facebook - or was, because it's now been shut down.