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Mazibuko's miffed mum mauls media

NEWSWATCH: IOL reports that Lindiwe Mazibuko's mother has mauled the media over 'lies' about Lindiwe's decision to study at Harvard and also reports that the BCCSA fined kykNet after a 'film snafu'.

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  • IOL: Mazibuko's mom mauls media...

    Lindiwe Mazibuko (rt) and Helen Zille (ctr) have both strongly denied any rift between them. (Image: The Democratic Alliance [image extracted from a DA election poster])
    June Mazibuko, mother of DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko, says "lies" peddled in the media about her daughter's decision to quit Parliament have hurt her family.

    IOL reports "There has been speculation that Mazibuko quit her position because of a breakdown in relations between her and party leader Helen Zille" but June Mazibuko strongly refutes this.

  • IOL: BCCSA fines kykNet over film snafu... The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) announced yesterday that it had fined Afrikaans television channel kykNet R20,000 for incorrectly classifying the age restriction of a short film.

    Apparently, according to MultiChoice, "human error" "caused the wrong information to be captured on the guide" with the result that crude language could not be blocked by a viewer.
Victor Sibeko
I am to a certain extent delighted that the truth has come out. "There is no ways, a person who has stood so steadfast for the DA party can all of sudden step down" I said this during a heated conversation about DA's challenges with regards to black leadership going forward. The truth is now out, Lindiwe's mother says its not true. Sad to see the third person fall through the cracks in DA's hands. not so long ago it was Mamphele Ramphele character assassination stunt! Musi is next, let us see!
Posted on 13 May 2014 16:05