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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

WDC 2014 project gives young artists access, skills to pitch to industry

A newly recognised World Design Capital 2014 project is On the Radar (#WDC500), which is about creating a space where young artists, keen to get into advertising, can present their work specifically to creative directors and corporate art buyers, while learning the skills needed to flourish commercially.
The project owner, Radar a medium sized advertising agency, recognises that though the world of advertising is full of opportunities for young creative people to take part in commercial projects, they find it difficult to get on the radar of those commissioning the work. It is particularly challenging for artists from disadvantaged areas who have no access to the industry networks and no idea of how and where to 'pitch' work.

More than just providing gallery space, the project owner plans to create a network of agency people to invite to see the work and begin conversations about it. In addition, experienced advertising professionals will demonstrate how to create a commercial portfolio, including how to pitch the work at regular training sessions.

As a result, people's design and creative endeavours will be made sustainable. The project will also broaden horizons by identifying ways to market and promote the business of design and ideas.

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