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Bizcommunity announces new masthead interface

Following on the positively received 2013 site design changes, today sees the launch of an improved masthead interface for Bizcommunity, designed to offer easier access to content across its 20 industry news portals.

Multi-industry news at a glance

The masthead has been redesigned to offer multi-industry news at a glance, encourage greater exposure and cross-pollination between these industries and to provide advertisers with more opportunities to engage with multi-industry audiences.

Pan-African focus

Pan-African-focused content, which currently reaches an audience of over 40,000 subscribers, will also now be more easily accessible via country dropdown, offering an ideal springboard for future growth into these regions.

Introducing the Super Leaderboard

The redesign incorporates a new format Super Leaderboard banner position, which has been informed by international trends and the new standards set by the IAB. The new wider advertising format will allow advertisers a stronger presence and more exciting creative scope than ever before. See all the sizes and formats here

30% more adspace at the same price

To take advantage of the new Super Leaderboard position at the same rate as the old smaller banner size and reach 300,000 readers, contact our Account Managers on .

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to tweet comments using hashtag #newbizmasthead or email .'s press office