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What's in The Media magazine's December digital edition?

The December edition of the Media magazine is, once again, jam packed with insightful information on what's happening in the media industry. Readers will find new ways to gauge the industry through value-added digital content, imagery, video and audio. Contributors include Trevor Ormerod, Chris Vick, Gordon Patterson, Dario Milo, Michelle Solomon and Sandra Gordon.
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The unlikely media champion
Peta Krost Maunder gets to know Pansy Tlakula, the continent's leading fighter for media freedom.

2012 in the media
A who's who list of media folk give their opinions on the best and worst in the industry this year.

5 Ws and 1H (and one 'What the F')
Chris Vick assesses this year in the media using the basic questions of journalism.

Spies, newshounds and watchdogs
Michelle Solomon tackles the issue of journalists increasingly falling prey to hack attacks without having much to protect them.

A global giant sneaks into SA
Gordon Patterson believes the out of home media industry is on the verge of being turned on its head, never to be the same again.

This issue gives readers insight into Africa's official media freedom fighter, who is also the head of the Independent Electoral Commission.

Media experts give their opinions on what is good, bad and hugely embarrassing in the media 2012.

Readers can also discover the vulnerability of the industry to hacking. Michelle Solomon tackles the issue of journalists who are increasingly falling prey to hack attacks, without having much to protect them.

Find out from Gordon Patterson how the out of home media industry is about to be turned on its head. Also, have you ever wondered if media-sales is fun? Trevor Ormerod enlightens readers with his thoughts on the topic.

The digital version of The Media magazine can be easily accessed via

OR through by clicking on The Media tab. The link is also available on