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exclamation launches first TVC since the 80s

Arctic Circle has created a debut TVC for the female aerosol, exclamation. It focuses on the persona and attitude of the exclamation girl.
Instead of being a classical concept ad, it is shot as a music video speaking to the young, sassy, diva girls it is aimed at. The bling, the gold, the statement pieces, the trimmings on the car and the tailor-made hip-hop track all reiterate this. The animation adds to the world the girl lives in, with colours popping and a hint of the best parts of the 80s. This spot demonstrates that it is not just a fragrance, but more an attitude.

Creative team

Exclamation brand manager: Wendy Xengana
Agency: Arctic Circle
Executive creative director: Reghard Goussard
Creative director: Hazel Scrimgeour
Copywriter: Helene van Zijl
Art director: Hazel Scrimgeour
Agency producer: Decia Seloane
Director: Grant De Sousa at Blue Panther Films
Producer: Warren Meltz
Client: Indigo Brands