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Nicole Meyer chosen as 2012 Liqui-Fruit Girl

The new face of Liqui-Fruit, 21-year old Capetonian, Nicole Meyer, launched earlier this week in the brand's latest TVC on and DStv.
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The 'Face of Liqui-Fruit' concept was born 25 years ago when the brand team decided that the world of Liqui-Fruit should be one of fantasy, inhabited by people that reflect the brand's ethos of 'Nothing but Fruit'.

"In our commercial we want to portray a world that is the epitome of health - health that is reflected in beautiful people, healthy bodies, surrounded by fresh, juicy and colourful fruit... and so it became cast in stone that the brand would always feature a leading lady," commented Karen Veysey, Liqui-Fruit brand manager.

A positive influence

Having only been modelling for three years, Meyer is excited to have been chosen as the latest in a lineup of beautiful leading girls and believes that this opportunity will have a positive influence on her career.

"The mysterious look that she gave the camera at the end of the advert was exceptional, exactly what we want from our girls," concluded Veysey.

As with other commercials, the 2012 advert focuses on fantasy and refreshment. Meyer is lost in a desert, desperately searching for an escape... she spots an oasis in the distance and a tribe emerging from a lush oasis, dancing in the clear tropical water. As she tries to reach them, fruit begins to fall from the sky. She is desperate to quench her thirst, but instead she begins sinking into the sand...

For more, go to the Liqui-Fruit Facebook page.