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Our little, big agency is on the roll with two big reasons to celebrate!

We are thrilled to unveil a brand new client, Price Waterhouse Coopers South Africa. We have already hit the ground doing what we do best: media planning, buying and creative conceptualisation with special focus on out-of-home, print and online. We are truly elated by this show of faith in our abilities!
This is proof that just because we're a boutique agency doesn't mean we only handle little marketing campaigns. Far from it...we tackle international campaigns with tremendous scope, and we are ready to take on big empires!

Now to the juicier part! Even before we came to terms with these good tidings, we received yet another affirmation of our top notch service. This time Bell Equipment Europe roped us in to take over their social media accounts in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Russia! All the way from "Like" to "Comme", "Como", "wie" and Mne nravitsa! Bell SA was so chuffed with the way we handled their social media that it didn't take much to persuade their European counterparts to do the same.

Next time you step into our studio, be a little patient as we need to switch languages lest we lose you in translation!

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