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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

New ad campaign for Wonga draws on reality SA, replacing the CGI characters of Frans, Noelene and Felicia, has launched a new multi-channel advertising campaign, inspired by real South African scenarios.
Taryn Schmidt, Head of Marketing says, "The new campaign is the next step in the evolution of our brand and we are confident it will connect strongly with our existing and new customers."

The campaign is a collection of adverts themed around life situations where people might need access to cash quickly. Schmidt says that South Africans will be able to relate to the scenarios. "The scripts and voiceovers are written and recorded in the style of staccato or hashtag-type conversation to mirror the speed and simplicity of the process. It will be instantly recognisable and creates a style we can own in a cluttered environment."

Twelve television, 11 radio and three print adverts have been created, including versions in English, Afrikaans, Sesotho and Zulu.