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KFC South Africa goes international for ad shoot

The launch of KFC's latest advert, shot in Bangkok Thailand, brings to life how the same great taste brings people together and makes you feel at home. In the 40 years that the company has been making adverts in the country, filming a commercial abroad was a first for the brand.
In the commercial, viewers follow the journey of a young girl from South Africa, who has been uprooted from home to live in Bangkok with her mom. Everything is unfamiliar - the local food, the language and the culture - but she finds comfort in the familiar taste of KFC, which brings her and a new friend together in a foreign country.

"We wanted an advert that would show how the great taste of KFC creates moments that connect people," says Lizanne Bartlett, marketing director for KFC SA. "We took the step of shooting this advert in Thailand because we knew that the culture there is so different to that of South Africa and this would highlight just how important familiarity is in creating these connections."

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Daphne Schwab
What a sweet and touching ad... hope it works well for KFC! Daphne Schwab (honorary Colonel of Kentucky...)
Posted on 17 Feb 2014 15:16