Cannes Lions 2018

[Cannes Lions 2014] Creativity at the speed of culture

As usual, the overriding feeling among delegates at Cannes Lions was that we are on the verge of a new era, on the frontier of a new age.
But this year I actually saw evidence of this in the work - true, tectonic, disruptive change, and audacious innovation - from a social entrepreneur producing prosthetic arms for war victims in Africa using 3D Printers, to a mobile app that connects with a print ad to track children on the beach.

Create positive change

The elements creating the conditions for this perfect storm are known to all of us - they are Mobile, Social, and Data. While all three have been with us for some time, the deepening intersection between these technologies and modalities is affecting what we say and how we say it. Long-gone are the linear production cycles on which our industry was built. Today conversations happen in real-time. In this quick-twitch media environment, brands must be able to create content at the speed of culture.

Underlying all of these technological and methodological changes is a growing consciousness among delegates that we, as an industry, have the power to change our ailing world. Over the past decade we have witnessed a growing commitment to social purpose among marketers... and it is evident from the work shown that this drive to create positive change continues to accelerate around the world.

Brave ideas

Armed with an ever-expanding repertoire of tools and technologies our industry is perfectly positioned to change the world... but creating change requires courage and, not for the first time, the notion of "being brave" rose to centre stage. In order to make a meaningful difference, we have to be prepared to take risks, to be fearless, to become what Kanye West describes as "The Creatives with Teeth".

Jason Silva, perhaps the most compelling speaker at this year's event, channelled Nietzsche when he said, "... and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." Today, the global creative community is increasingly dancing in unison... and Cannes Lions is the perfect place to be for anyone who wants to hear the music.

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