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Become distinct, not extinct, says Tom Peters

Creativity in the workplace is of ever-growing importance to a country's economy as corporations and individuals strive to become "distinct or extinct". This is according to Tom Peters, one of the world's leading business strategists, who will be addressing the three-day business summit Global Leaders Africa, to be held at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, 20 - 22 June 2006.
"The white-collar jobs of yesteryear are fast disappearing - we must find entirely new ways to add value. Our only option is to move beyond any activity that is even remotely 'rote', and moving up the creativity scale," says Peters.

"We must convert ourselves into genuine business people and cease to be mere cubicle slaves. Whether or not we are on some company's payroll, we must behave as if each of us is the CEO of Me Inc. The new mantra: Distinct or Extinct."

At Global Leaders Africa, Peters will be speaking live and in person on re-imagining the roots of leadership before also hosting an optional interactive workshop throughout the third day of the summit. The workshop will look at leadership and secrets to business success.

Peters has been called many things: the Ur-guru of management (Fortune); business' best friend and worst nightmare (BusinessWeek); uber guru (The Economist); and the man whose ideas and influence have shaped new management thinking (Bloomsbury Press).

Prince of disorder

Tina Schneidermann, president of organisers Global Leaders, comments, "Tom Peters calls himself the prince of disorder, and his verve, enthusiasm and controversial presentation will inspire debate among delegates, as well as the 11 members of our African Foundation.

"He is one of the best-known business strategists on the international stage, and will certainly provoke corporations into examining what they do - and how they can do it better."

Peters is one of a line-up of 12 speakers at the event, which will feature an opening address from the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Also appearing live and in person are: Rudolph Giuliani; Carly Fiorina; Michael Porter; Hernando de Soto; Daniel Pink; Scott Bedbury; Clayton Christensen; Crispin Sonn; Wiseman Nkuhlu; and Charles Villa-Vicencio.

Matching insights

Matching the global insights on stage will be the African Foundation, which was created to involve regional thought leaders and influencers. As well as Sonn, Nkuhlu and Villa-Vicencio, these include: Namane Magau; Philisiwe Buthelezi; Stella Nkomo; Evelyn Mungai; Donald Kaberuka; Taddy Blecher; Heather Sonn; and Nick Binedell.

Global Leaders Africa will take place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, 20 - 22 June. Full details are available at Sponsors include Barclays and SAS Institute.