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Malawi to host 7th AIMS Summit

Malawi will host the seventh annual African International Media Summit (AIMS) from 17-18 November 2012 at the Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe, Malawi. This year's theme "I am African" is in tune with the African Union's (AU) new campaign launch encouraging participation in the global initiative.
Alvin Singh of Africa's International Media Summit said this year, the African Communications Agency (ACA) partnered with the Government of Malawi, African Union, and the Diaspora Africa Forum and among others to focus more attention and action specifically on African descendants, who are, worldwide, most vulnerable to racism, economic discrimination and xenophobia.

Erieka Bennett, ambassador for the African Union African Diaspora Forum, said they are delighted to host the 7th AIMS summit in the country of Malawi with some of the friendliest people in the world.

Singh says the two day event brings together entrepreneurs and media professionals along with government officials, individuals and organisations throughout the Diaspora in order to facilitate discussion about rebranding the image of the continent of Africa.

Promoting a positive image of Africa

Major media stakeholders such as, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Associated Press (AP), and Malawi local media, along with journalists from across the globe, will take part in the annual conference to discuss their roles and responsibilities in helping promote a positive image of the continent.

"Some of the panels this year focus on the role of social media in the Diaspora's image, the first African Union Global Diaspora Summit, branding opportunities for private sector and the rise of women in leadership position in Africa," says Singh.
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Gregory Gondwe is a Malawian journalist who started writing in 1993. He is also a media consultant assisting several international journalists pursuing assignments in Malawi. He holds a Diploma and an Intermediate Certificate in Journalism among other media-related certificates. He can be contacted on . Follow him on Twitter at @Kalipochi.