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Brian Berkman launches Blog

Cape Town publicist, PR-Net founder and freelance journalist, Brian Berkman has launched a first for PROs in South Africa - a Blog, a web-based log or diary at www.BrianBerkman.com.
"Communication happens when message and medium meet and, as someone passionate about both the message and the medium, I thought I'd create my own meeting place," he explains, adding that in the new economy one doesn't have to be a publishing giant with massive resources to publish.

"From the computer, in my apartment overlooking the Atlantic, I am able to create and publish my thoughts in real time and have them available to anyone who is interested, anywhere in the world. For one as opinionated as I, this is a dream come true."

Berkman recognizes that the real task in publishing is to have an audience, but is confident that his more traditional media reportage will help create an audience for his Blogging.

"The bottom line is that people have to be interested in what I say. It is not enough that my mother and I are interested in my views", he says. "I hope that I have something to contribute on the subjects of PR, travel and dining out which, based on the compliments I get from people, is of interest to others too."

Brian Berkman Blog, which he hopes to update everyday, will feature commentary on PR issues at hand, commentary on media, updates on where Berkman has been eating and traveling and whatever else comes to mind.

"Initially I feared the thought of opening myself to a barrage of criticism if I invited people to comment on my Blog, but on reflection believe it will keep me on my toes. Who knows, maybe people responding to my Blog will be even more interesting than I am," he concludes.

To access Berkman's Blog visit www.BrianBerkman.com.

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