EU Council emphasises FAO's role in sustainable food, agricultural practices

"We welcome the Council of the European Union's reaffirmation of its strong support for FAO and are eager to further our work in the areas emphasised. Our food systems must be made sustainable or, eventually, they won't feed the world."

1 day ago

Mossel Bay factory goes drought-friendly by extracting water from cow's milk

Nestlé South Africa has transformed its Mossel Bay dairy factory into a "zero water" manufacturing site. The company has installed new water recovery, treatment and recycling technology at the factory...

2 days ago

Wesgro selected as BSO partner for SIPPO to enhance exports of agri-processed goods

"Wesgro is excited about the partnership with Swiss Import Promotion Programme as we believe that the programme will help us to broaden the participation of Western Cape enterprises in export promotion and increase market access into Europe."

15 Jun 2018

Baobab trees have more than 300 uses but they're dying in Africa

Baobab trees keep soil conditions humid, favour nutrient recycling and avoid soil erosion. They also act as an important source of food, water and shelter for a wide range of animals...

By Aida Cuní Sanchez 15 Jun 2018

From pineapple juice to agtech: Investors hungry for a piece of Africa's food industry

Africa's agribusiness and food sector registered strong private equity deal activity during May 2018, according to industry information service Africa Private Equity News.

14 Jun 2018

President Museveni urges investors to plant solar pumps for agriculture

Solar energy has been viewed as an integral energy resource by experts, sourcing its strength from the sun. It is an environmentally friendly means with great potential to steer the economic prowess of any country...

By John Green 12 Jun 2018

Tru-Cape to retain shareholder revenue amid reduced crop production

"We have to balance our customer demands with realised supply. Over the years we have established a strong reputation as a reliable supplier and it is important that we maintain our focus on customer delivery and continue to supply a quality product."

12 Jun 2018

Potatoes SA announces first Enterprise Development Farmer of the Year

Phophi Raletjena is the first ever Potatoes SA Enterprise Development Farmer of the Year. He ascribes his success to firstly, increasing his yield and secondly, the ability to source and access information and to learn from others...

By Hanrie Greebe 11 Jun 2018

Key insights into the global sesame seed market

The increased global consumption of sesame seeds is mainly due to the heightened demand for the product from the growing Asian and African populations...

8 Jun 2018

Wesgro, Matzikama District strengthens Western Cape aquaculture industry with MoU

"Abalone has become a key export market for the Matzikama District and our department will remain committed to trying to further boost investment into this potentially lucrative market."

8 Jun 2018

FAO's how-to guide to transforming food and agriculture

FAO's set of 20 interconnected actions offers a practical guide for countries on how to strengthen food security, generate decent employment, spur rural development and economic growth, conserve natural resources and respond to climate change...

8 Jun 2018

EAC tea consumption to increase in the next decade

East African countries could lead the world in growth in consumption of tea during the next decade, even as they occupy top positions in exports of the commodity...

By Maryanne Gicobi 6 Jun 2018

Meet the maker: Mark Taverner of Silver Creek Distillery

Silver Creek Distillery has been around since 2014. Mark Taverner started his journey with Shanna-Rae of Time Anchor Distillery as one of his mentors, as well as Lucy Beard from Hope on Hopkins. Even with these local influences, his alcohol has a unique twist to it...

By Samantha Snedorf 6 Jun 2018

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