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AgriColleges international gets accredited

The Agriculture Sector Education Training Authority, AgriSeta, has granted online agriculture education platform, AgriColleges international, accreditation as an education and training provider in agriculture...

1 day ago

#BestofBiz 2017: Agriculture

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Agriculture, Horticulture & Forestry site over the past year below...

1 day ago

SA Competition Tribunal approves acquisition of maize milling companies

The acquisitions of two maize milling companies by a consortium comprising DH Brothers Industries trading as Willowton Group and Louis Dreyfus Company Africa has been approved...

2 days ago

Creating a new generation of entrepreneurs

Black empowerment has not worked as well as it should. What we have not really succeeded in doing is create a substantial number of black-owned, entrepreneurial businesses that have the potential, in time, to rival Anglo American, Discovery and the rest of the JSE giants...

By Sinethemba Mafanya 1 day ago

Wines and their labels: Crafting narratives that speak to us

If wine brands want to signify their differences and tell a story, be it real or fictional, about their product, they do so primarily through label design...

By Franck Celhay 1 day ago

Listeriosis outbreak: What you need to know

Although the food-borne disease, Listeriosis is a serious and sometimes deadly disease, as the 37 fatalities (and over 550 lab-confirmed cases) across the country attest, there are some simple hygiene precautions you can take to help you avoid infection...

2 days ago

Own space on the biggest multi-industry B2B news site in Africa?

Location, location, location - a real estate term used to describe the benefits of a property investment is as relevant in the online media space...

Issued by 2 days ago

E² Elevator: Accelerating entrepreneurial success for small businesses

Impact investment company E² continues to play a leading role in empowering and upskilling responsible entrepreneurs to unleash

2 days ago

SADC needs armyworm control funds

SADC member states and stakeholders were challenged to make strong commitments by allocating more funding, developing programmes and putting in place infrastructure for the management of the Fall armyworm...

By Elita Chikwati 2 days ago

Stellenbosch celebrates a year of wine, food and tourism success

Thanks to a consistent string of local and international awards for wines and winemakers of the region, recognition of its food offering and destination marketing magic, Stellenbosch will again be on display as...

3 days ago

Minister Rob Davies gazettes amended AgriBEE Sector Code

Dr Rob Davies has gazetted the Amended AgriBEE Sector Code for implementation by entities in both public and private sector. Davies says that the sector code will serve as guidelines for the transformation of the agricultural sector...

3 days ago

Smallest wine grape harvest in a decade

The South African wine industry is bracing itself for what might be the smallest wine grape harvest in more than a decade. Drought, a shrinking area under vines and frost damage will have the greatest effect on the crop size...

3 days ago

Datacentrix hosts smart farming Indaba, takes a look at emerging tech set to disrupt farming

Datacentrix recently held its first Agri Indaba in Limpopo to discuss the many ways in which emerging technologies are transforming farming and food production...

3 days ago

FairPlay urges enquiry into unsafe labelling of chicken imports

The FairPlay anti-dumping movement says it was dismayed to discover bulk packs of chicken for sale at a Makro store with a label claiming nine possible countries of origin...

11 Dec 2017

Top 12 major issues in agriculture

John Purchase, CEO of Agbiz, gives an overview of the major issues that are currently affecting agriculture in South Africa...

By Ursula Human 11 Dec 2017

Pomegranate PhDs: Research into the super fruit's quality, packaging and shelf life

Dr Arendse and Dr Belay have received their PhDs for research on pomegranates - including a non-destructive quality control method and optimal packaging conditions to extend the fruit's shelf life...

11 Dec 2017

East Africa region urged to adopt GMOs to boost food security

Despite the technology being seen as key to tackling low crop yields, climate change and emerging diseases, many countries remain averse to GM technology over safety and trade-related concerns...

By Johnson Kanamugire 11 Dec 2017

Changing face of retail presents opportunity for the wine trade

Embrace the chaos brought by the mobile phone-fueled digital age and look to Portugal for a road map to success in the USA...

8 Dec 2017

Roff Industries launches the new, compact R-10 maize mill

Roff Industries has introduced the Roff R-10 - a compact maize mill that can produce super maize meal at 24 tonnes per day and 540 tonnes per month...

Issued by Roff 8 Dec 2017

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New fish-smoking tech first introduced in Africa launched in Asia

Health hazards, such as smoking inhalation are high and output of intensive labour in the traditional method of fish-smoking is often low - women in fishing communities in eastern Sri Lanka spend hours tending to fish laid out on mesh over smoking coals - but the introduction of new smoking ovens pioneered by FAO under an EU funded programme is set to change this.

22 Nov 2017

Study: Better soil could trap as much planet-warming carbon as transport produces

Improving soil health in farmlands could capture extra carbon equivalent to the planet-warming emissions generated by the transport sector, one of the world's most polluting industries, experts said. Soil naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere through a process known as sequestration which not only reduces harmful greenhouse gases but also creates more fertile soil.

By Thin Lei Win 21 Nov 2017

Partnership on GIs to boost rural development, exports of traditional food products and wine

A workshop recently hosted by the Embassy of Italy in South Africa, in collaboration with the European Union Delegation in South Africa, Wesgro and the Department of Trade and Industry hosted a workshop on the Protection and Promotion of Geographical Indications (GI) aimed to create awareness on the benefits that can be derived from the effective protection and use of GIs in South African and EU for the development of small-scale, local and rural economies, particularly in the agro-food sector, and for enhancing export opportunities and boosting international trade flows.

21 Nov 2017

Reviving passion fruit production in Kenya

Kenya exported passion fruit in the 90s and early 2000s, however, due to pest management challenges, the country has seen a decline in the production of the highly profitable crop since 2003 - this despite Kenya's potential to grow and export passion fruit.

14 Nov 2017

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