Vaughan Patterson

Product Marketing Operations Manager for Production Print at Ricoh SA
Location:South Africa


Vaughan Patterson joined the company in 2012 from Antalis where he was Manager of Digital Printing Systems for more than four years. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry as end user, distributor and vendor...
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How print supports the trend toward hyperlocal marketing

There has never been more demand for hyperlocal marketing than there is today. And print is one of the best methods to support hyperlocal reach...

By Vaughan Patterson 30 Jan 2018

Print could help build the credibility of SA's e-commerce giants

There's a growing opportunity for South African digital businesses to harness the power of print to build their credibility, says Vaughan Patterson...

By Vaughan Patterson 4 Aug 2017

Real-time advertising can catapult newspapers to greater revenues

Publications can improve advertising revenues if they take advantage of real-time print adverts and that will help not only their ailing fortunes but the ailing fortunes of publishing printers, too...

By Vaughan Patterson 18 Apr 2017

Bespoke textbooks offer printers respite from the revenue-eliminating e-book model

Publishers have made their bread and butter off textbooks for longer than students have endured on microwave noodles and crackers...

By Vaughan Patterson 8 Feb 2017

The cost of impersonalisation is the new disruptive

Our appetite for tailored, customised, and personalised service is bigger now than ever before, largely due to the ability to gather and crunch data from online sources. The result is that businesses like Amazon can automatically suggest other products that actually do suit our tastes or, at the very least, perusal and buying patterns...

By Vaughan Patterson 7 Oct 2016

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