Thoriso Kolobe is a passionate communicator. One of her preferred methods of communication is through writing. She is a PR lifetime student and a Managing Director of her own PR agency; RPR Agency.
How to maximise your social media reach

It is without a shadow of a doubt that whichever business you find yourself in, social media is a must in order to maximise reach with your target audience. Thoriso Kolobe list tools you can use to design a pretty simple social media plan that maximises reach...

By Thoriso Kolobe 12 Jun 2018

Challenges with being a PR agency exclusively to SMEs

Thoriso Kolobe lists several challenges her PR agency faced by offering its services exclusively to SMEs...

By Thoriso Kolobe 11 Aug 2017

All growing businesses need to invest in good PR

To many small and medium businesses, PR is seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. "Reputation management is for the big guys" SMME owners will be heard uttering such words...

By Thoriso Kolobe 13 Aug 2015

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