Thamsanqa Malinga

Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Thamsanqa D. Malinga is a marketing communications practitioner with industry experience spanning over 10 years in different sectors. He is a Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant with Mkabayi Management Consultants and a specialist in internal communications, media relations, strategy development and implementation, campaign management, online communities management, issues management. Contact details: Email | Twitter @Thami25
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The book publishing industry – marketers, here's one chapter you need to read

The recent South Africa mission to Davos-Switzerland with its theme: 'South Africa is open for business', got me thinking. What happens then when with the best marketing strategy and a good product, you still have your target market not coming to engage despite your ‘open for business' sign with its entire neon glow?

By Thamsanqa Malinga 29 Mar 2017

C'mon now, what breaking news is this?

The "Breaking News" puller seems to be the one thing most online and social media reporters have taken to in the scrimmage for the highly sought after reader...

By Thamsanqa Malinga 16 Sep 2014

The Game of Trolls - three lessons from my experience

The one thing I appreciate, as a marketer, with the advent of Web 2.0 is that it has given rise to a countless number of platforms...

By Thamsanqa Malinga 8 Jul 2014

Strategy - The holy grail of marketing communications

Hands up if you have come across the phrase 'develop a marketing or communications strategy for the company' as one, if not the first, output in a job description or client brief.

By Thamsanqa Malinga 29 May 2014

Marketing communications is not about bells, whistles and confetti

Marketing communications is not about pulling out bells, whistles and confetti at a whim. It is not about "getting" journalists to attend 'that' event tomorrow. It is not about handing out key rings and pens blazoned with company logo...

By Thamsanqa Malinga 7 Jan 2014

Please Sir, can we have some more news

I have accepted the fact that having three local 24 hour news channels does not give manna of news from South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

By Thamsanqa Malinga 23 Sep 2013

Are you communicating via smoke signals?

In this era of technology and information which is available at user's fingertips, is your brand taking advantage of the playing field and maximizing on available resources? Are you as a brand, brand manager/ambassador taking advantage of latest tools and resources?

By Thamsanqa Malinga 30 May 2013

I'd rather have Joe Public as brand ambassador

I have not been a fan of 'paid' for brand ambassadors or any form of paid for endorsements. Worse if the 'ambassador' contracted is a celebrity of some sort. I am sure that many marketers will frown at my stance when it comes to this form of marketing, considering that it's one of the tried and tested marketing gimmicks.

By Thamsanqa Malinga 1 Mar 2013

I'm an addict, give me some news

My wife normally scolds me for being a news bulletin hopper. She contends that once you've gone through one bulletin it's as good as having been through all of them. Well, looking at it, she is right, and frankly I have nothing to say in my defence. News bulletins have become like some fast-food outlet burgers - lean, dry and lacking in taste.

By Thamsanqa Malinga 3 Jul 2012

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