Saint-Francis Tohlang

Independent Insight Consultant and Trend Analyst
Location:South Africa


Saint-Francis Tohlang is an Independent Insight Consultant and Trend Analyst. He provides insight observations to different stakeholders such as Flux Trends, HDI Youth Marketeers, Lovelife, Savino Del Bene and South African trend observations to a leading international trend firm. He holds an MA in Media from UCT and continues to research in the areas of media markets and strategies, consumer culture and popular subcultures. Follow @SaintFrancisT on Twitter.
The curious case of Alcatel

Ever wondered what happened to Alcatel mobile phones? Once upon a time the "Rolls Royce" of cellulars in the peak of the cellphone boom, the brand somewhat waned into obscurity. Now it seems to have re-emerged to boldly claim a stake in the smartphone market and 2013 is the year touted for this bold dynamic play to take full effect. Let us unpack the curious business case of the Alcatel brand and its journey of rediscovery and brand repositioning.

By Saint-Francis Tohlang 24 Nov 2012

Soft power is the new currency

In the information age of the 21st century with a social fabric that is evermore complex coupled with the breakdown of age old systems, it becomes increasingly important to assess what's going on in the world right now to understand ways of moving forward better.

By Saint-Francis Tohlang 6 Aug 2012

How Mr Price got it right

The blogosphere; as a collective of unique voices from digital citizens of the world has proliferated the Web 2.0 with such an air of independence that bloggers have engendered an interesting kind of power. This power is largely accrued through speaking with an untainted, opinionated, authoritative and unmediated voice.

By Saint-Francis Tohlang 30 Jul 2012

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