Rose Setshoge

Senior marketing manager at Hypenica
Location:South Africa


Rose Setshoge's wealth of talent includes marketing, communications, journalism, advertising and research. She completed a media planning course at the AAA School of Advertising. She is senior marketing manager at Hypenica and writes on her personal capacity. Email Rose at and follow @RoseSetshoge on Twitter.
B2B marketers: don't just generate leads in 2015, produce convertible ones

Believe it not, lead generation still keeps most marketers awake at night! Although this is one of the vital marketing functions, it needs collaboration with the sales team in order to be effective...

By Rose Setshoge 27 Jan 2015

No, no, no comrade, that #FNB campaign is unacceptable...

So, First National Bank (FNB) received an incredible volume of publicity recently; trended on Twitter, dominated other social media conversations, headlined peak hour news, talk shows opened lines for debate and met with the ruling party due to the 'You Can Help' campaign. Honestly, what more can a brand possibly ask for?

By Rose Setshoge 30 Jan 2013

Who murdered effective human billboards?

If your human billboard (HB) campaign lacks creativity, interactivity, research and most importantly strategy, then don't spend a cent of your marketing budget on this medium as in addition you'll waste effort, time and contribute to the population of killers. I'm not talking about handing out leaflets or waving and smiling interactivity but HBs should have some basic brand knowledge such as benefits, target market, few if not all key selling points in addition to interpersonal skills.

By Rose Setshoge 11 Dec 2012

Is the print business still feasible?

One can almost declare the death of consumer magazines. Whenever editors of these are interviewed on any medium, one can always predict where the conversation will lead even though the subject has already been established: declining circulation and readership figures.

By Rose Setshoge 29 Aug 2012

Braille-ant campaign a trend setter for 2012

Wimpy's recent Braille burger campaign from MetropolitanRepublic is a reminder of some important aspects that should be incorporated in most new campaigns for winning results. Several of these include the significance of paying attention to the market, incorporation of social issues and most importantly, simplicity. [video]

By Rose Setshoge 25 Jan 2012

Gugulethu: introducing wine to black consumers

The two-day annual Gugulethu Wine Festival happened for the first time last weekend, with the objective being to tap into black consumers in Cape Town. The overall occasion was impressive but there is definitely potential to grow. Organisers and exhibitors have a few more lessons to learn, if this festival is to stay worthwhile in coming years.

By Rose Setshoge 3 Jun 2011

What kind of Vodacom is red?

A few days after Vodacom rolled out its rebranding television campaign, this heading was my Facebook status, which received interesting feedback. Some of the comments were: "One that is hugely irritating and noooooot creative! What a let-down and annoyance!", "Red stands for Danger", and "Boring Vodacom".

By Rose Setshoge 13 Apr 2011

[2009 trends] Nine trends to anticipate in 2009

The previous year was both thrilling and challenging for many marketers, due to various breakthroughs. Some were brave enough to try some new strategies, simultaneously learning about the alterations happening within the marketplace, while others remained in their comfort zones without taking any risks. Here are some developments to anticipate in the year 2009.

By Rose Setshoge 19 Jan 2009

Marketers should exploit CSI

Marketers and advertisers lose sleep over whether the brands they represent obtain maximum exposure, usually through the most creative tool-advertising. Indeed this has an important role to play within certain mediums, for certain campaigns. Here's another sponsorship opportunity: while Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is an instrument that has been in existence since the birth of public relations, many disregard its significance.

By Rose Setshoge 25 Sep 2008

Marketers should cautiously use LSMs

In the course of my profession, the interaction with marketers who have ideas to launch new products and services in the market is enthusing. Defining the market is one of the hardest exercises that marketers are confronted with.

By Rose Setshoge 23 Apr 2008

Don't black faces sell magazines?

The Times last week reported that a Nigerian model, Oluchi Onweagba, accused the local editions of Glamour and GQ of refusing to have her on the covers of the publications because she is black. If this claim is true - that indeed race is an issue - perhaps Conde Nast Independent Magazines need to find out how many black average issue readers (AIR) it has.

By Rose Setshoge 17 Mar 2008

Local TV soaps overrating Black Diamonds?

Could South African television soaps be overrating the Black Diamonds? ... And are marketers and their agencies watching?

By Rose Setshoge 14 Nov 2007

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