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Reece Easthorpe

Reece Easthorpe

Owner at Rock Paper Scissors
Location:South Africa


Reece Easthorpe, has a clothing label 'Rock Paper Scissors' which he markets off social media and a start-up handling local businesses social media called 'Umlomo Omkhulu.' Through his posts he wishes to promote the usage of social media as a platform, learning tool and marketing avenue.
Reece Easthorpe
The social start-up

OK, so let's talk social media, the thing that is this multi layered complex series of platforms. One platform in particular, Facebook, is like the science of social media. It seems like everything you do on Facebook either ties in closely to your personality or is targeted to a certain personality type group. The deeper you go into it the more strategic approaches you come across. Some approaches display serious angles of manipulation and others some hard, cold casing, corporate bitch slapping.

By Reece Easthorpe 6 Oct 2012 09:22

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