Quinton Jones is director of TMI Media, TMI is future focused. Media of the future is predictive and data-led. It's about insights and bringing the cost of marketing down through intelligence.
TMI is a media agency that provides data driven media solutions using the analytics and insights that digital provides, and then matches this with a very creative approach to media solutions.
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10 things...

Quinton Jones shares ten things clients should expect from their media agency in 2018...

By Quinton Jones 11 Jan 2018

Media: Dark art or science?

Let's face it, 2017 is already tougher than 2016, which was in turn was tougher than the previous year. The advertising industry is under pressure, and media agencies are not excluded from this...

By Quinton Jones 17 Apr 2017

From shotguns to snipers: The move to individualised targeting

Much like the gamer playing the latest in the Call of Duty franchise, marketers today are able to change between weapons, moving from shotgun to sniper capabilities with ease...

By Quinton Jones 31 Mar 2016

Real value in media

In 2016, value is more important than ever. Clients are feeling the pressure of economic conditions and need to show ROI on their business decisions...

By Quinton Jones 28 Jan 2016

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