With over 20 years' experience helping leading organisations overcome various business challenges, Paula understands the challenges that companies face in delivering a consistent brand experience and the impact this has on their bottom line. An analytical thinker that strives to solve business problems with innovative solutions, Paula believes that technology plays a major role in solving critical business and branding challenges. As such, she established BrandQuantum to help businesses overcome their branding challenges in the digital age.
CMOs need to embrace new technologies and tools to build brand trust

BrandQuantum recently hosted a marketing roundtable to debate the role of marketing in today's digital business environment and some of the key challenges they are facing...

By Paula Sartini 1 Oct 2018

Getting back to basics: Branding is fundamental to marketing success

It is important for marketers to take a step back and assess their brand and the story it tells its customers before determining which technology solution is the right one to meet their brand needs...

By Paula Sartini 3 Aug 2018

Brand consistency: Taking marketing to a higher level

In the highly competitive business landscape where social media and customer experience are adding complexity to a global landscape, marketing needs to evolve...

By Paula Sartini 6 Feb 2018

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